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M.A.D.E of G.O.L.D.

M.A.D.E of G.O.L.D











Urban Outreach Strategies designed to help urbanites realize who we arewho we have become and who we were created to be

oVG M.A.D.E. is a Positive Lifestyle Brand created to promote positive living, positive thinking and positive decision making among troubled youth, vulnerable young people and incarcerated adults.

*The Purpose of this movement is to create support systems within urban institutions for families of the incarcerated, by equipping communities with resources to create the solutions that increase the possibility as well as the probability of success.

*Through Urban Outreach Strategies, The OVG inspires positive change in the LifeStyles of urban youth and incarcerated adults.

*The OVG Mission to fight fatherlessness by using products, programs, and positions to prevent death and incarcerations among individuals from destructive backgrounds.

*The OVG Vision is to see young men from destructive environments transformed and reformed into law-abiding citizens who possess marketable skills.

*The Goal is to use literacy comprehension strategies to encourage young people to broaden their horizons through positive literature that increases their awareness of the obstacles young people from negative environments face.

*The OVG Philosophy helps individuals to see; where we are, by analyzing where we have come from and where we were predestined to go.

Again, The Mission is to fight fatherlessness by teaching young people how to make righteous decisions; especially in urban society.

*The OVG Vision is to see people from negative backgrounds going in the right direction so that they become productive citizens.

*The OVG Urban Outreach Strategies add value to urban institutions by equipping groups with the resources to reach and inspire positive change in the lives of troubled youth and incarcerated adults.

*The OVG Motto is that "If each one can reach one, then we can teach some; because it only takes one to change for all to change"...


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