What is OVG?!?



The OVG is a collection of Urban Outreach Strategies that add value to inner-city organizations and urban institutions by equipping groups with resources to inspire positive change in the lives of troubled youth and incarcerated adults. 

OVG's mission is to fight fatherlessness by preventing death & incarceration among individuals from negative background. 

The vision is to see individuals from destructive environments transformed and reformed into law abiding citizens who possess marketable skills. 

The OVG MADE Men LifeStyle Co. is made up of men from families who have been affected by death and incarceration. Our Urban Outreach Philosophy helps men to see; who they are, who they have become and who they were created to be. 

While The OVg MADE Men Study Courses are literacy comprehension strategies designed to assist individuals in recognizing where we are...by analyzing where we have come from and by pointing... by pointing individuals in the direction they were predestined to go.

Through products, programs, and positions; we help young men know the right decisions to make, at the right time. Our goal is to impact young men who are headed in the wrong direction so they can see who they have been created to see.

The OVG LifeStyle Co. motto is that if each one reach one then we can teach some; because it only takes one to change for all to change!

OVG is a positive reality; a reality of positivity.          

positive reality that men can not only identify with but be held accountable to and see who God created them to be.

OVG is a lifestyle brand that promotes positive livingpositive thinking, and positive decision making in urban society.

As individuals, we must Optimize the Vision of God to win our race and Obtain the Victor’s Gold.

OVG stands for O.T.I.S Vision Group. We go beyond the surface to study the roots.

The OVg Philosophy helps individuals to see; who they are, who they've become and who they were created to be.

The OVG Urban Outreach Strategies add value to urban institutions by equipping groups with the resources to reach and inspire trouble youth and incarcerated adults.

The OVG motto is that if each one can reach one, then we can teach some; it only takes one to change for all to change...


To Get the Prize that Has Been Set Aside and Laid Up in Christ for You.

OVg = OVG(5) 

The SquareRoot of OVg is OVG

The SquareRoot of OVg [Obtaining Victors Gold]:

The Optimized Vision of God = OVG5


OVG[1] Organize the Voice of God = Vision

OVG[2] Obey the Vision of God = Victory

OVG[3] Obtain Victory in God = Vessels 

OVG[4] Ordain Vessels of God

OVG[5] Optimize the Vision of God

OVG= OVg - [Obtain Victors Gold]


Our OVg Vision is to See Individuals From Destructive Environments

Transformed & Reformed into Productive Citizens with Marketable Skills.


This Can Be Done Through Educations, Motivation, Dedication;

Educate the Mind, Motivate the Body and Dedicate the Spirit.


Products to Educate the Mind, Programs to Motivate the Body

and Positions to Dedicate the Spirit. 



Affirmation of Faith

I will receive what God has planned for me. Once my heart perceives that which my minds conceived, then I will achieve what has been hid in me. As long as I believe, in he who strengthens me, then I shall achieve as he has promised me. By faith I see, what’s been revealed to me, I used to be blind but now IC.

OVG is the change we see, staking our claim to fame by inspiring change. It’s more than some slogan or sweet cliché, OVG is a lifestyle and the truth is the way. O.V.G. stands for O.T.I.S. Vision Group and we go beyond the surface to study the roots. O.T.I.S. is an acronym for Outreach Treatment with Innovative Solutions which is a fight to prevent fatherlessness by reducing the shootings.

We foresee young men from destructive environments transformed and molded into productive citizens with marketable skill but how can this happen if a third gets locked up and others get killed? We don’t only look to see change through outward behavior modification but seek to see inward change through self-transformation. We prevent misfortune by teaching young people how to avoid death and incarceration which creates a more equitable society and a safer nation.


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